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change management
Change is often undertaken for change sake, causing unnecessary trauma for staff and customers alike. Conversely much needed change is sometimes avoided for fear of disruption. Whichever, the cost is high in terms of profit and productivity.
We are able to take a clear and pragmatic view of the current situation, develop a suitable change program and lead its implementation or prepare your senior managers to undertake the task.
Always committed to ‘putting our money where our mouth is’ we are happy to discuss and agree a rewards mechanism that means we share with you the benefits of our recommendations.

interim management personnel
Whatever your needs, from one individual manager to teams of senior professionals to undertake major organisational change, Talent Options can assist. We can review the needs, agree the plan and provide the people to either work alongside your existing managers or lead the change through to a new management team.

Talent Options were, in my experience, unique in their approach to fee and reward. They were prepared to put their money where their mouth was and happy to discuss and agree a rewards mechanism that meant they shared with us the benefits of their recommendations whilst ensuring our up front project costs were kept to an absolute minimum . . . .  this ensured maximum project returns.